What is an Estate Planning Attorney?

An attorney who explains the laws about wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, among other applicable areas, to facilitate your life plans and post-death property distribution.

Right now you can make a better life for you and your family, during your lifetime and after you pass. With a few documents you can:

Give your property to the people you desire to receive it (will), from real estate to family heirlooms and everything in between.

Specify who you want to care for your minor children if you die unexpectedly (guardian named in a will).

Name who you want to handle your estate after you die (personal representative named in a will).

Transfer property easily and quickly without your estate going through a public probate process.

Give a trusted person the authority to handle your finances and health care decisions if you are unable to do so, such as temporarily while you are in surgery or indefinitely if you become incapacitated (Power of Attorney Finances and Property and Power of Attorney Health Care), striving to prevent a guardianship.

Change how you own property in WI (Marital Property Agreement) so that how you want property to be given to loved ones is how it is actually distributed.

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