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Do you need one? What are the benefits and limitations of a will?


Do you have a plan for health care and financial decisions if you become incapacitated or desire assistance, even for a brief period such as a surgery or a trip abroad?


Do you want to transfer your assets privately and with greater flexibility than probate?

Contact me to guide you through estate planning.

A will names a guardian so you and not an unknown person specifies who will care for your children, with no guidance from you. A power of attorney gives someone you trust authority to make decisions for you if you lack capacity. Without a power of attorney, a guardian will be appointed to make these decisions for you if you are deemed incompetent. A power of attorney authorizes a trusted person to help you manage health care and financial decisions such as making choices while you undergo surgery or paying bills while you travel abroad. If you want to avoid a will contest and the publication of your will entirely, then a trust is an excellent option.

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Are you and your family prepared? If you do not have what you need, contact me today and let’s work together to give you peace of mind.

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